Project Snapshot:

We are doing more and more PDQ projects for customers looking for a highly effective and efficient way to get product into consumers’ hands. Because PDQs are designed to arrive at retailers ready for customers to grab and go, execution is critical. So, when a hot sauce brand recently came out with a private-label version of their product for Aldi stores, they looked to South Atlantic Packaging to help them produce the PDQs that could help sell through inventory quickly, therefore increasing profitability.



We started by helping our customer think end-to-end.  What was the best way to make sure the PDQ design would be efficient and effective throughout the supply chain: from loading on the trucks, to delivery and ultimately to the presentation to the consumer in the store?

We understood that to get the product to the consumer cost-effectively, expert co-packing with a quality-oriented mindset would be a key part of the solution set.  We knew it was important to make sure all bottles would be positioned correctly, that the display must have the correct graphics, that the pallet could be built for proper shipping and ultimately for consumer convenience in shopping.  All of that advance work went into our implementation of a simple PDQ tray that holds bottles without a top box (reducing materials) and the shipping of full pallet displays so additional labor would not be required on the part of the retailer to stock the shelves (reducing labor costs).

It was essential to execute flawlessly in a short timeline of days, not weeks. Collaboration and communication included every step of the process from sending first-article inspections to project completion and delivery to retail.

Pro Tip:

Precise execution drives PDQ success.