Quality and Food Safety Policy (We’re Serious About This)

Let’s just say we are strict about this because, well, it’s important.

ProStar is committed to packaging fundamentals that are consistent with all regulatory requirements and meet the highest food safety best practices. We accomplish this by identifying critical control points and conducting vulnerability analyses and verifications on our operations. 

We recognize that strong food safety and general packaging quality programs require commitment and adequate investment in resources to achieve our objectives.  Accordingly, we will invest in the right people, processes and systems to be successful. Here are some specifics:



We will have a full-time Quality Assurance Practitioner, reporting directly to our CEO, who will have the responsibility and authority to oversee our food safety and packaging quality programs at our South Atlantic facilities.


We will hire and manage team members who will be expected to competently carry out their jobs, especially when it comes to quality contract packaging and safety of food.


We will conduct appropriate training to educate our new and existing team members about critical topics, such as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), food defense, allergen management, sanitation and traceability.


We will have industry-leading software systems and equipment in place to support our operations.


We will maintain at all times all records in accordance with requirements for food safety and traceability.


We will open our ProStar facilities to be available to be audited by third-party experts and by our customers, as required.

Meet Kim Salvatore, our Quality Assurance Director

Safety, quality and an adherence to strict packaging guidelines are #1 at ProStar Contract Packaging. So we hired Kim Salvatore, a veteran in this industry, to take the lead at ProStar and give our clients the highest level of accountability and know how. Kim is on our production floor daily, meeting and exceeding quality expectations for our customers.

As one of our team leaders, Kim is creating an environment where ALL of our employees serve as safety and quality inspectors. Our crews train daily to look for inconsistencies and production errors. Employees are encouraged to look for issues and report them immediately. This type of open communication makes us better — and stronger as a company.